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    When IT Governance saves your money!

    Por: Pedro César Tebaldi Gomes em 03.10.2013

    OpServices is a company focused on solutions for IT governance, monitoring of business processes and infrastructure. We offer services and products for availability control, performance and assurance of all elements that computerize (IT) and give support to these processes, such as communication networks, power, databases, air conditioning, etc. OpMon platform is the main product. Therefore, we are acquainted with all the major benefits that our customers can achieve with a monitoring solution and IT governance that is configured properly and used proactively.

    A proactive approach to Monitoring and Governance
    The monitoring solution and IT governance should be seen as a platform that can and should be used proactively. To identify on a daily basis, in real-time, short interruptions and incidents in network infrastructure, systems and services. In this sense, we can fix these flaws before they are converted into huge problems that will cause outages and affect the operations of your business.


    Governanca de TI

    Or a safe approach
    The solution can also be seen as a safe, of the type that can be hired for your vehicle, something that is good after a bad happening took place, so it helps to minimize the impact of the damage. In this sense, the solution allows us to evaluate what went wrong and where we must act to correct the problem quickly.

    But how to save your money?
    Probably both approaches should help your company save money. A proactive approach is by far the best since it does not only ensures that your infrastructure, IT systems and services are running smoothly, without any downtime, unless due to an unexpected system failure. In a way, it can be difficult to measure how much we could save, since the economy potential is huge in comparison with major downtime cases which will never happen due to the proactive work.

    Therefore, the best way is to assess such case, is to think about the before and after scenario, conceiving the use of a monitoring implementation with a proactive strategy, then it will outline the aggregate savings with all the minor interruptions which still retains many IT departments currently, commonly known as “putting out fires”.

    The approach will surely also save money, since when the problem occurs, it is identified, located and corrected much faster than before, through proactive monitoring. Often, we can say that it is relatively easy to determine how much a service, system or network cost per hour during periods of downtime.

    So the key to achieve a good return on investment (ROI) for IT system monitoring is, of course, the combination of the two approaches, working proactively to increase system availability and quality of services and use investigation resources of the root cause to quickly solve future problems.


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