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What to prioritize when hiring an IT consultancy for my SME?

Por: Pedro César Tebaldi Gomes em 23.02.2015

There is no doubt that the advancement of technology, observed in recent years, has a direct impact on the routine and on the operation of any enterprise environment. Currently, companies that want to grow up and stand out in the market in which they operate need to computerize their processes — from personnel management to inventory control or cash flow — so they will not be outdone by the competition. And the best thing about this is that, even getting more sophisticated, the technology also has become increasingly democratic, being accessible not only to large companies but also small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Certainly, there are no more doubts that the investment in computerized systems will optimize the productivity of your company. But it is crucial that some care is taken so that the measure is really a good deal. In today’s article we’ll show you everything you should consider before hiring an IT consultancy for your company. Check it out!


Look for good references

We start off by this tip because there is no better advertisement than the customers’ positive opinion. For this reason, don’t get lost among the thousands of options for technology service providers that are available in the market. Talk to friends, business people and other people who can give you a good testimony about the pros and cons of consultancies you intend to hire. It is also worth doing a search on the internet, on social networks, IT discussion forums and complaints portals, to check on the credibility and reputation of consultancies with their clients.


Do not put the price in 1st place

Even though resource saving is in planning for all companies, especially SMEs, do not fall into the temptation of choosing your consultancy at the lowest price. When it comes to providing services, the cheap can be expensive. Instead of choosing the cheapest consultancies, consider the more competitive ones that show the best cost-benefit and can fit in your pocket.


Protect your sensitive information

Every company has internal data that must be kept closely guarded, especially from the competition. As the computerization of business processes involves access to much of the important information, it is valid to take precautions through an agreement, including clauses that ensure privacy preservation of all your company’s information. This way, your SME is in no danger of having transferred data. At the same time, the consultancy that understands the need of this kind of caution proves to be serious, committed and aligned with your business objectives.


Understand the service before signing the contract

To sum up our article, we give a great tip. It is not worth making a big effort to introduce this technology to your SME and computerize all processes if you and your team can’t drive the system after you deploy it. So, before signing the contract with your IT consultancy, make sure they understood well the service dynamics and the platforms’ functioning. Note if the organization includes training in the installation or membership package to the service. This way, the satisfaction of both sides and the productivity of your business are guaranteed.



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