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    Por: Pedro César Tebaldi em 03.12.2014

    Stay within the Framework Safe methodology

    Managing Projects more efficiently

    The agile project management methodologies have transformed the way companies see their ventures, with a lot more focus on the results. In order to strengthen this team of solutions that is already deployed in most companies that work with projects, Framework Safe is already considered an evolution of agile methodologies and can enter the market with strength in the coming years. Want to learn a little more about this technology? Then keep reading our article!

    Framework Safe


    The three levels of the Framework Safe

    As well as all agile methodologies of project management, Framework Safe is also divided into levels of interaction, which can leverage the company’s results when well-worked.

    The three levels of Framework Safe are: time, program and portfolio. At the team level, they are organized according to their skills and abilities to meet the demands of the project; at the program level is where the integration of the work of the various project teams occurs; whereas at the portfolio level is where the management of your organization needs happens.

    In the project portfolio management, those solutions that are the most important for the business are considered, as well as those that can bring in more economic results for the company. Those that are the most relevant are pursued while others wait for their opportunities.


    Benefits of Framework Safe

    As well as all agile methodologies, Framework Safe brings many advantages, especially when we consider optimizing time and resources in the project development. In addition, it is possible to engage teams in a unique way, causing them to work synergistically and achieve better results with the union of efforts.

    Time-to-market is also optimized through the use of agile methodologies as Framework Safe, giving the company a competitive advantage and better use of business opportunities, taking into account the speed with which the projects are developed and released on the market.


    Relationship between Safe and other agile methodologies

    Since Framework Safe is an evolution of agile methodologies and gathers the best market practices, it contains other methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban, in its structure, allowing confluence of resources and efforts towards a common goal.

    Framework Safe is closely linked to the organization’s strategy, taking the strategic guidelines needed directly to the work teams in order to develop projects that are more aligned with organizational objectives.


    Focus on work teams

    One of Framework Safe levels are the work teams, and perhaps this is the most important of all, due to the importance of clear and objective communication, in addition to the seamless integration between people for the development of a highly complex project.

    Valuing the integration of everyone involved with the development of the project, Framework Safe aims to provide a more agile work and focused on the company’s results, bringing all the necessary information to the right people so that they can develop their roles with excellence.



    Pedro César Tebaldi

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