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Por: Pedro César Tebaldi em 01.07.2015

How to create high IT performance through DevOps

What is DevOps

Derived from the junction between developer and operations, DevOps is a software development methodology that seeks to maximize the results of IT teams. The methodology incorporates the entire team of employees and makes the communication between them more efficient, bringing the software development and IT teams to a new level.

Companies that have their IT teams have them composed of professionals specialized in various technologies, languages and systems operation, ranging from HR to finance, passing through all the key sectors of the company.



Traditionally, before the arrival of DevOps, the most widely used methodology in software development companies was ALM (Application Lifecycle Management), which focused on the development of the solution and understood that businesses were divided into three cycles: governance, development and operations.

Whereas DevOps methodology, changes the development focus to the problem that needs to be solved and believes that there is only one cycle in the development of applications: the business. Check now how this methodology can leverage the performance of IT teams:


Regular and frequent release of new features

Through the integration of all technologies and languages of the IT team, and the integration of IT with other sectors of the company, DevOps makes the software development a lot smarter. Practices that are deployed allow an increase in the frequency of the deployment, reduce the time spent on changes, the volume of failures during these changes and time-to-repair when a failure occurs.

Companies like Flickr, have developed DevOps resources that supply their needs to deliver new applications every day and respond quickly to failures and demands for new features. With the collaboration of DevOps, repetitive and manual tasks are automated and all the processes become lighter, increasing the delivery of new applications, quality tests, new features and system maintenance.


How to overcome the barriers to high performance

The IT sector, for many times, drowns at the beach for lack of investment and a lack of a visionary CEO to understand that in the era of information and new business, — that if not fully supported by technology, a large part of its operations are — It must be seen as an strategic business partner and needs to be rethought strategically.

Improve the performance of IT teams means to improve business performance as a whole. We need to give these teams more autonomy and direct them the necessary investments. However, for these investments to generate the return expected by the organizations, the IT teams need to know how to integrate into all the company sectors and propose strategic applications for business.

In this IT strategic point, DevOps enables working leaderships a lot better, optimizing the flow of development, automating tasks, and creating a high performance culture within the company as a whole.



Pedro César Tebaldi

Atua há 10 anos no mercado B2B de tecnologia da informação como gerente de marketing, tendo escrito mais de 500 artigos sobre tecnologia durante esse período. Também é responsável pela área de Business Intelligence da OpServices, que presta consultoria para médias e grandes empresas em todo o Brasil.

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