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    Por: Pedro César Tebaldi em 14.04.2016

    5 essential care before starting systems implementation

    Avoid errors in the deployment of new technologies

    System deployment is a much more complex process than you might think. It is not enough to just install a software and distribute login and password to the staff, you have to plan and prepare the company at various departments and sectors, either through training, mapping of requirements, procurement of information technology resources, among others.

    Check out the next 5 essential care details before starting the system deployment and understand their importance in order to prevent setbacks in your company!

    Systems implementation


    Involve the staff

    In order for a system deployment process to happen successfully in a company, the staff is extremely important. The degree of involvement, motivation and even the critical sense of each one will be helpful to the process. It is essential to explain the staff about the need for a new system, show them the expected benefits, making it clear that the system deployment needs the help of each of them to be successful.


    Promote trainings

    All the staff, whether being assistants, analysts, managers and even executives, needs to participate in trainings, in order to take full advantage of the capabilities of the new system. Trainings are a quick way to show people the main changes they will face. Besides, they are also important so all the guidelines recommended for their daily tasks can be understood, this way they can actually see the benefits of the new technology in real life. It is necessary to plan who the people chosen for the training will be and also provide varied schedules so that they can happen.


    Have a complete survey of requirements

    Entering within the system itself, it is vital that the suppliers know exactly what the company expects from the new software. In order to make it happen, a survey of technical and operational requirements that your system should meet must be made. Within these requirements there are the business rules of the organization, the legislation involved, registration information of customers, invoices, data security, among others.


    Plan the system deployment so as not to paralyze the company

    Moreover, it is necessary to protect the business so that the deployment process does not paralyze the company. There are some approaches that can be taken to this end, as for example, the modular system deployment, where the system is deployed in parts so as not to impact any activity of the company at once, and also facilitate the adaptation of the users to the change.


    Perform a process mapping

    Although it is not directly linked to technology, process mapping is extremely important and must be done before you deploy software. It’s through the mapping that the new system will follow a logical sequence of operation and, in this case, a sloppy process mapping can harm the entire system deployment.

    All these precautions cited here can really help in the system deployment of a company, whatever its size or area of expertise. And remember, the better your planning, the more chances you have to avoid mishaps and consequently get the execution totally right.

    Watch our video with 5 tips to avoid making mistakes in IT management:

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