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Meet OpMon Traffic Analyzer

With network management software its possible to avoid unnecessary spending on human resources involved in identifying network problems. With a friendly interface, the users can use a web browse traffic information in real time and get a detailed status analysis, the type of traffic and who are the resource consumers of your network.




Features and Functionality

Your companie needs tecnology to make faster and more accurate decisions.

Real-time network traffic

Unlimited probes and a friendly interface are some of the many differentials of the OpMon Traffic Analyzer network monitoring software. It’s 100% integrated with OpMon for single console viewing.


The OpMon Traffic Analyzer simplifies the understanding of how your network traffic is doing.

Understanding the behavior
network traffic from your

Identify the root cause
from the Web.

Validate the impact
of all chances
planned in the network.

Identify applications
that consume more bandwidth.

Measure link consumption
per application or user.

Identify the source of the problems
generated by traffic anomalies.

Sold as an Additional Module

O OpMon Traffic Analyzer is an additional module of OpMon PRO.

The network traffic module
allows the monitoring of
unlimited probes. To use it,
you must also have an annual
subscription to OpMon PRO.

Traffic Analyzer

Annual subscription
Additional module
Single license
Qualitative view of the network
History storage
Consumption of links per user
Consumption by protocols and IPs
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How it works?
OpMon is a monitoring system
of IT infrastructure that
also allows you to view
network traffic data
single console.

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