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What might be slowing down your company’s internet?

By 26.11.2015Uncategorized

    What might be slowing down your company’s internet?

    Por: Pedro César Tebaldi Gomes em 26.11.2015

    One of the factors that can directly affect the productivity of a company is the fact that the Internet connection is slower. Therefore, all the work can even be delayed, as the Internet connection does not respond as it should. This can happen for several reasons and identifying the cause is the first step in finding the solution. Hence, check out what may be making the Internet slow in the company:


    Internet Lenta


    Spyware and virus

    No company is free from being contaminated by spyware and viruses, and when that happens the Internet connection can be directly affected. That’s because malicious codes use the Internet to send data from the computer and directly hinder the configuration.

    In consequence, it is important to maintain a powerful, always-on antivirus software, and to update the firewall. The firewall acts as a blocking wall for suspicious or unsafe connections, preventing the computer from being exposed to risky connections.


    The Internet service provider, in turn, can be the cause for slow Internet connection in the company. This is because Internet providers in Brazil are required to provide only 10% of the nominal value determined in the contract. Consequently, if the Internet service contract for your company is of 50 Mbps, for example, the provider is required to provide only 5 Mbps.

    Furthermore, the provider’s quality may be different in the areas where your company is located and can also be affected by external factors. Maintenance, poor stability and even weather conditions can directly affect the Internet signal and speed. In such cases, there are only two solutions: to hire a faster – and more expensive – plan or change the provider.


    Misuse of network

    Sometimes, the slow Internet connection in the company is caused by misuse of the network. It may be the case of a router that does not properly distribute the Wi-Fi signal or else there are many devices using the connection at the same time.

    Employees who are using the Internet for other duties unrelated to their work, like watching videos on YouTube or downloading files, can also directly influence the connection quality and speed. Thereupon, keeping a password on the Wi-Fi only for employees, buying a more powerful router and educating employees about responsible use of the Internet at work are efficient solutions.





    The problem may not be on the Internet signal quality, but on the settings used. Thus, if the router is incorrectly configured or if the computers setting are not optimized, the result may be slowness.

    As a workaround, you can use a software to repair the Internet settings or else manually update the settings.


    Slow Website or software

    Nevertheless, the problem may not be exactly on the company’s Internet connection: the cause may be on the other side. A Website or software that are too heavy or slow can give the impression that it is the company’s Internet connection that is not working properly.

    So, test it and if you prove that the bottleneck is the Website or software, consider switching them. If it is possible to change, consider, if possible, updating the software.

    Slow Internet connection in the company can be caused by some specific factors. To be sure about what is causing the slowness, use a network monitoring system to identify, verify and resolve these issues.


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