BPM Real-Time Business Process Viewing Tool

    Por: Pedro César Tebaldi Gomes em 29.06.2015

    Business Process Management (BPM) is a set of elements, concepts and methodologies that exist to treat business processes (Business Process) with two lines of business: the organizational and the tooling. BPM enables the organization to have an internal and external view of its activities, with a clear view of the role of all the agents that can influence the process, customers, suppliers, employees, etc. According to Gartner:
    “BPM defines, makes it possible and manages the exchange of information in organizations through the semantic view of a business process, involving employees, customers, partners, applications and databases”.



    Where can BPM be applied?

    BPM can be used in all areas, since the methodology allows the improvements to be noticed in relation to the speed, efficiency, quality and costs. The ability to change the process becomes more relevant than the ability to create it, because it creates the conditions for that entire value chain to be monitored, continuously improved and optimized.


    Advantages of BPM

    BPM helps companies identify the strategic importance of its processes and to take competitive advantage of it. It also serves to provide the manager with easier ways to find opportunities for improvement to the service provided to the client by means of performance indicators. The processes are controlled by a series of process evaluation indexes, such as the process runtime, performance improvements, monitoring of the current process, among others.


    Tool for visualization of business processes in real time

    Inside BPM methodologies the use of tools to design processes or view data and information about all of these processes is accounted for. One of the major difficulties of follow-ups is whether they really happen the way they were supposed to. One of the possibilities for this follow-up is the IT monitoring part, where all parts of the processes that involve technology can be viewed in real time with indicators on achievement of goals, compliance with SLAs which enable the discovery the gaps or bottlenecks in the process. This information can be presented in real time from the OpMon Dashboards, a constructor of visual panels that search for any information system that manages data from the network, via SMNP Protocol or custom agents.


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