Get to know OpMon Dashboards

OpMon Dashboards is an OpMon add-on that allows real-time dashboard construction and visualization. Managers determine which KPIs they want to monitor and who they want to share. This information summarizes the situation of a particular area of the company through a status (critical, alert, and ok) or numerical value. The result is that decisions become more grounded, faster, and with less risk of errors.



Your business needs the technology to make faster, more accurate decisions.

View dashboards

The OpMon Dashboard Presenter application is designed to show the status of your business and IT infrastructure in real time. Download the tablet or smarthphone app now:


OpMon Dashboards allows you to construct visions of your IT and your business.

Unified Monitoring
of IT environment
or business indicators.

Friendly interface
and intuitive system with
drag and drop elements.

Share your dashboards
with the whole team via
web or mobile devices.

Real-time information
to make agile decisions
and anticipate problems.

Automation of alerts
to know when it
occurred an incident.

Unlike BI,
does not use consolidated data.
Search the data in the source!

Marketed as an additional module

OpMon Dashboards is an additional OpMon PRO module.

The building module of
dashboards allows you to
view of IT and business
data. To use it you need
also have a subscription
of OpMon PRO.

OpMon Dashboards

Annual Subscription

Additional module *
Unlimited Dashboards
Customize any view
Access any database
Implement management in sight
Sharing links
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How it works?
OpMon is a
IT infrastructures that
also allows you to view
and build dashboards
in single console.

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