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Por: Pedro César Tebaldi em 16.04.2014

What are application robots and how does this technology work?

Application robots through software that monitors the user experience

An application robot is a software that emulates what an end user would do when interacting with an application. With OpCEM you can simulate how a real user interacts with your software, pointing, clicking, typing and browse through it and therefore collecting performance and avalilability informations about each step of the application.

OpCEM - Robôs de Aplicação

The robots can then be executed repeatedly and endless to gather data about the health of your business applications. The robot ideally could be run from a remote location in the cloud as well as in a company’s remote branch to measure and report how your apps are performing from your users point of view. Know on first hand how your clients are being supported by your IT environment.

For instance, you can create a robot to simulate a web customer buying in your company’s online store and measure performance of each step of the process, since the product search, put the product in the shopping cart, login and credit card validation. The robot will report how much time was spent in every step and the time to complete the whole process. These informations are used to create a baseline for each step and then report in real time when a deviation occurs, for any step or for the whole process.

OpCEM’s robots run on a dedicated server to allow a complete and controlled environment to execute the application cycle. Using a graphical user interface, you can easily create robots to execute virtually any kind of app technology, not only web-based apps. OpCEM can simulate access from legacy terminal-based software through the new generation of mobile apps. All performance and availability results are reported back to your management platform, specially those based on Nagios™ platform like OpMon™, Nagios-XI™, Icinga™, Op5™, Opsview™, Centreon™ and so on.

Using an advanced image recognition technology, OpCEM robots can identify slighty differences on app screens and ignore minor differences, reducing false positive alarms.



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