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Por: Pedro César Tebaldi em 30.04.2015

Understand the concept of technology services EAAS, SaaS, IaaS and PaaS

What is XAAS (EAAS), SaaS, IaaS or PaaS?

A lot of people get confused and lost before an immense alphabet soup that invades the computing world. The coolest thing, however, is that you probably already know and even use it, just did not make the correlations in the right way. Well, it is time to put these questions aside. Check below what they are and the applicability of each of these acronyms:


SaaS - Software as a Service


XaaS or EaaS: everything has now turned into service

The name is explanatory: everything as a service or enterprise as a service (XaaS, or EaaS). The acronyms represent a concept and a trend in recent years that it is to transform products into services. Nowadays, a software does not need to be only sold, it can also be rented in the form of service packs with several aggregate functions. Everything is tailor-made for each client, giving more value to technical support and updates.

The famous cloud computing or storage in the clouds is a great example of XaaS. Companies began to adopt it when they realized that this shared infrastructure would reduce costs and make the process more efficient. After all, they no longer have to invest in equipment, manpower or expensive licenses. It is more advantageous to buy a customized package and pay only for what you use. The fact that everything has turned into service is the essence of what XaaS represents, since it encompasses all the other concepts which we explain below.


SaaS: software on demand

Means software as a service or software as a service and emerged with the need of companies to have programs made in a way that increases efficiency and reduces costs. The program is on a remote server and is not installed on the user’s machine, this is the main feature. If the company uses computing in the clouds and runs an online program, it makes use of SaaS. The most interesting thing is that it can be a free service too. Google Drive, PDF convert online and webmail services are some examples of SaaS and you’ve probably used some of them.

What is the applicability? Those who use it know the advantages. Even if it is paid, this kind of marketing allows you to hire only what you will use, avoiding high expenses on licenses. It is as if the software were rented and no longer needed to be purchased. If you don’t need it anymore all you need to do is cancel the service.


IAAS: infrastructure can also be a service

Here is the same principle of the software but as a computer infrastructure. In IaaS, orinfrastructure as a service, the user isn’t going to buy equipment, but is going to make use of a data center remotely. So, if in your company you have, for example, an outdoor server that is used remotely, everything indicates that you have an IaaS. A common example of this is the infrastructure made available by Amazon AWS. The advantage? Security is one of them. Keeping company data on a remote server is a way to ensure that data will not be lost in case of a physical disaster. There is also the cost reduction because you do not need to invest in robust servers, in addition to being able to hire exactly the resource you will use, neither more nor less.


PAAs: platform as a service

Let’s take a step further and talk about PaaS, or platform as a service, which means an entire platform hired as a company provider. If the company wants to develop a new application, for example, it can use this space to create and test without having to trudge through the complex and highly costly world of software development.

All the tools, applications, and database will run in a specific space. The applicability? It allows the client to have a complete platform of software, hardware and applications without having to invest too much.

Have you realized how many of these concepts you were already familiar with? So next time you come across such acronyms remember to look us up and read our post again!


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