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Por: Pedro César Tebaldi em 06.04.2016

Server Virtualization: 4 Misconceptions

Are there risks involved in server virtualization?

Server virtualization is not exactly a new subject, but it still causes weirdness among managers who see its implementation with too much resistance. Doubts arise as to the stability, security and cost-benefit of the virtualization process. Thus, understand what is a myth and what is the truth is essential for decision-making. So, in today’s article we demystify some legends of virtualization so you can choose whether this path is ideal for your business.


virtualizacao de servidores


Server virtualization

Server virtualization is an efficient way to allocate resources that require a stable infrastructure in multiple virtual servers, instead of physical ones. Through the creation of virtual machines you can run numerous operating systems on the same hardware, taking advantage of better resources such as CPU and memory, which in other settings would be idle.

Software is installed in a physical server capable of partitioning it for the installation of multiple operating systems in accordance with the demand of your company. With server virtualization, various myths arise, such as the fact that it would be appropriate just for large companies or that it offers great cost in its implementation.




1. Lack of security

Virtual servers are as safe as the physical ones and have the same settings. It is up to each company to set safety standards and ensure compliance. Virtualization is used by large companies without compromising their safety.

In fact, departments and governmental agencies already take advantage of its benefits without losing the ability to protect and manage the data circulating on their machines.


2. Implementation is only meant for big companies

Virtualization can be implemented in companies of any size, provided that they need more than one server. Multiplying the availability of resources and facilitating the recovery of information in case of an accident, virtualization has everything to reduce operating costs in your company, whether it is large or small. With fewer resources allocated in infrastructure and a simpler management, it is advantageous to implement this management system even on a smaller scale.


3. Increases the cost of the company

Initially, the cost of virtualization (whether in the purchase of software and management tools or training required for your staff) may seem gigantic. The truth is that those costs, in the long run, represent great savings in operating expenses from your company as energy and maintenance. Their adoption or not should take into account several factors. And for some companies these costs may be higher and to other lower. It depends on the management model.

Most virtualization providers have free solutions for testing, which can help while making decisions. These providers also offer training for your team, which helps reduce training costs. In addition, they can be shared among customers by reducing the cost of hardware.


4. Virtual machines have a worse performance

The myth of the performance is one of those accompanying a more strong virtualization, although it has been proven to be a fallacy. With dedicated physical servers your company wastes more resources, thanks to the idle capacity of these CPUs. When we compare the performance of virtual machines to the one of physical servers the results are similar, with the advantage that in the virtualization the resources are best allocated on multiple platforms.

Now that it has become clear that the server virtualization is not as complex or costly as it seems, it is time to consider implementing it in your company. And for this it is necessary to think of a solution for monitoring these servers, whether physical or virtual. For that we appoint the OpMon platform that manages business processes of enterprises, in addition to infrastructure.


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