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Por: Pedro César Tebaldi em 08.06.2015

Understand what Arduino is and how your application works!

Some applications of Arduino for electronics prototyping

Have you already heard about Arduino(how it work)? The name is kind of different, but the platform is extremely powerful and has started a movement that is democratizing the development of electronic devices worldwide. Created by Italian students in 2005, Arduino is flexible, relatively inexpensive and easy to use, besides being available in an open source.


Monitoramento via arduino

Developers, entrepreneurs, robotic specialists and even those who are simply curious are among those creating new solutions each day by means of this platform that can, among other things, connect objects to the Internet. Understand what the Arduino platform is and how it can boost new businesses and innovations:


What is Arduino?

Speaking simply, Arduino is a set of open source electronic prototyping tools aimed at making the creation of electronic devices easier. In addition to providing a controller board, it also has a development environment; therefore it is considered a platform and not just a hardware. Simply connect the controller board to the computer and it is possible to write codes for Arduino in the software development environment (by means of the language C/C++).

Arduino’s basic board has a number of sensors, which enables integration and interaction with other devices. That is, it can work by means of its own interface or interact with other applications installed on the computer. This allows the developer to create simple and robust gadgets. In addition, it is possible to buy the original board (with the circuits “from scratch”) or opt for a pre-assembled one, with the circuits already interconnected.


What the possible applications are

Arduino’s applications are basically unlimited and depend much more on the developer’s creativity and discipline than on the limitations of the platform or the difficulties of programming. The so-called makers are using the platform in projects ranging from process automation in companies to works of art.

An interesting example is Twitter Enabled Coffe Pot, which, by means of the integration with the hardware, allows the coffeemaker to start making coffee when you send a tweet to it. Garage Door Opener, on the other hand, allows your home garage door to open using your smartphone. These simple examples (the projects can be followed by anyone by means of tutorials) are excellent introductions to the Arduino’s possibilities.


How Arduino can help your business

Just as it is possible to create a multitude of electronic devices with Arduino, its advantages for companies are also unlimited. The first major advantage of the platform is the fact that it is open, i.e., within the license restrictions it is possible to develop your projects, even for commercial purposes.

The cost of the boards is also relatively low, in view of the possibilities that the platform offers; moreover, the way of working with it is quite intuitive. You can market solutions that use Arduino, but can also use others that have already been created for it and are available on the Web. There is a huge community of makers and the knowledge that they provide is quite accessible to anyone.

Arduino can be especially useful in automating your business processes. You can create prototypes that allow the communication of a mobile device with manufacturing machines until the full office integration (lights, appliances, air conditioning, etc.) with the Internet.

Arduino is an electronic prototyping platform that aims to make life easier for those interested in entering the world of electronic devices. Its applications are endless and can be especially useful for your business because, besides allowing the creation of all sorts of gadgets, it also helps in process automation.

What about you? Had you already heard about Arduino? How about implementing this technology in your company? OpServices has already tested some applications by means of Arduino, such as monitoring temperature using OpMon, which is an IT management software developed by us.


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