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Know OpMon 9.0

Automate the monitoring of your IT infrastructure and discover the root cause of problems in the exact moment they occur!

Discover problems
in real time!

OpMon is the leading IT infrastructure monitoring software in Brazil. It helps your business to manage incidents in an automated way. Get real and reliable data about the health of your environment.
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Gerenciamento de TI com o Software OpMon
Gerenciamento de TI com visão mobile OpMon

Tactical View

The new version of OpMon provides automatic dashboards that simplify IT infrastructure management. It allows you to visualize the problems that must be solved as a priority. It’s totally responsive to mobile devices!
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Grafana Integration

In addition to OpMon’s powerful customizable dashboard builder, the new version integrates with Grafana. This allows more possibilities of data visualization, management in sight and greater agility in decision making.
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Gerenciamento de TI com o Software OpMon

Color Prioritization

Feature for viewing color-defined alerts according to the criticality level. There are 9 colors that identify different states:


Does your company need the technology to make faster, more accurate decisions?

Alerts and notifications
in the palm of your hand!

Receive notifications (PUSH) about incidents and issues in your IT environment to ensure greater agility of your operation. With the app for iOS and Android you can receive real-time alerts on changes in your business infrastructure through a smartphone!


OpMon contributes to increasing the maturity of IT management.

Gerenciamento de TI - Icone Software OpMon

Unified Monitoring
through single
IT management console.

Cool Dashboards
to streamline decision-making
and anticipate problems.

Service Desk Integration
for more agility of your
IT and business operation.

Gerenciamento de TI - Icone Software OpMon

Loss reduction
caused by downtimes
in critical systems.

Icone Gerenciamento de TI - Icone Software OpMon

Specialized Support
with experts in IT
governance and IT availability.

Icone Gerenciamento de TI

User Experience
monitored and simulated by
means of application robots.

It Management on an easy way!

We have commercial models suitable for the size of your company.


Free Forever

FREE for 30 devices
All PRO Features
Monitoring up to 30 devices
Unlimited Services/Sensors
No restrictions, full product
From 30 devices, quote PRO


Annual Subscription

Advanced monitoring
Real-time graphs
Root cause analysis
Notifications email, SMS and PUSH App
Adaptive monitoring
Advanced Reports
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Monitoring + Smart CMDB

Automate your environment
Discovery Full Stack
Documentation Management
Configuration Management
CMDB & Change Management
Single Point of Failures
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