The different levels of maturity of IT environments

Por: Pedro César Tebaldi Gomes em 14.01.2014

In our ten years of experience with IT management, we always seek the best ways to meet the expectations of our customers, in accordance with their highly complex environments. In this long history, going from client to client showcasing our work, we always met with companies at different levels of maturity.


This has brought a great learning experience, because for each level of IT maturity of an organization there are different challenges. We can identify three scenarios that are the most common within the firms IT. We could classify as follows:


Reactive IT

Unfortunately this is the most common case, even in large organizations. In this scenario, IT only irons out last-minute problems and solves the problems of day-to-day. The problems are only discovered when someone calls or sends and e-mail complaining. The most common complaints are, for example, that the Internet connection has gone down, systems are slow and an application had stopped working. In this scenario, the customer perceives failures before the company such as, for example, failures in the process of purchase or an online service unavailable. This scenario can cause unexpected situations like telephone lines congestion or customers giving up shopping for failing to complete the purchase of a sneaker in a virtual store. In this case they end up buying from a competitor and often the company ends up not knowing this.


Preventive IT

This is a much better scenario than the first one. IT can already anticipate some problems and discover about their existence before they users complain. It is still not the ideal scenario, but it already provides a more competitive structure for the company to provide better services.


Proactive IT

This is the ideal scenario, but very few Brazilian companies are at this level. At this level of maturity, besides acting preventively in solving problems before they happen, IT provides to the business areas valuable information on all company processes. I.e., it is the integration of all areas through technology. We are proud to have some customers who have reached this level, especially those that have been with us for a long time.
You have probably identified the stage at which your company IT is in this classification that we have developed. But do not blame yourself if you are on the first level, for to leave it and go to the next stage you need a culture that places technology as business priority. It takes a little time, but it is possible.


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