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Por: Pedro César Tebaldi em 25.08.2015

How to monitor business processes with OpMon?

Monitoring of critical business processes for your company!

OpMon is a platform for monitoring IT infrastructures and business processes. It manages since the availability of systems and business-critical equipment such as databases, servers, routers, switches or any type of device that manages data via the SNMP protocol or IP communication, until the key business processes for the company’s results, such as systematic processes process of sales, production, billing, among other indicators.

In order to monitor a business process, it is vital that your company’s information are systematized in some way, since OpMon will read these information and will present them in dashboards with real-time data. The IT infrastructure monitoring can be managed by the client himself, ever since the training in the implementation period of the platform and the business processes are customized according to the indicators that are important to your organization, coupled with our experience in managing the various business segments.


Dashboard - Monitoração de SiTef

VAT monitoring dashboard

The OpServices project team can map with the collaboration of the client which systems are vital so that a business process can be working 100%, without impacting the clients and users. This requires that the client has a minimal knowledge of your infrastructure and your business.


Why is it important to monitor the business processes indicators?

With systems that are increasingly more complex and a market even more competitive, companies need to ensure their business present an advantage as compared to its competitors. One of the paths leading to a process of continuous quality and pursuit of excellence is to be able to take control of your processes through monitoring of key critical business indicators, in order to proactively take actions to avoid financial losses or waste.

Let’s illustrate this with two examples being the first of them, the monitoring of an online sales process.

A company that does not monitor its purchasing process in the virtual store, may be failing to sell and might want to know why they are having financial losses. If an online sale over the Website is on sight, at least the three questions below are essential:

1. The Website has to be running and accessible to online purchase
2. The response time of the Website has to be less than 1 second.
3. The value of the product + shipping has to be competitive to face the competition.

For these three questions to be true 24/7, including holidays and weekends, it is necessary to monitor all the infrastructure that underpins the operation of online sales as well as simulate what consumers experience when making a purchase on the site. Without it, your company may be losing sales to the competition and you won’t even know you could be bringing greater revenue for your organization.

The second example is the monitoring of a network of stores.
Following the concept that we have to be more competitive, do things differently and have advantages over the competition in the current technological and economic market, a vital need of the organizations is to be able to take actions quickly, according to its financial performance by product and by store. Monitoring these indicators automatically and in real time and viewing them minute by minute, can assist in the strategic guidelines without a major effort of building electronic spreadsheets.


Dashboard - Painel Financeiro

Financial Panel dashboard


Business monitoring in real time!

In order to map an online sales process it is vital to find out which systems and equipment are necessary for the sale to be conducted, since the order until the purchase order. Probably the ERP systems, CRM, database, platform sales, credit card systems, electronic invoices, internet links, servers, among others will be mapped.

If one of these items does not work correctly the shopping process at an online store will fail and the organization will lose money on the sales that are not completed. After the mapping of this process, the status of all these vital resources to the business could be monitored in real time and displayed in dashboards. In case of problems, the system or equipment (internal or supplier) responsible will be alarmed at the exact moment when the error happens, by SMS or e-mail. This way, in addition to not losing money with system failures, the technology and business area can see more clearly all the IT resources that influence sales. It is also possible to measure investments at an increasingly assertive way.


The end of the excel spreadsheet.

Having indicators and reports in real time and with automatic scheduling is essential to ensure maximum productivity from your staff. Using data from the past and that are not automatically updated by the minute does not match the good management practices in the area of business and technology.

OpServices can be your strategic partner in conducting the monitoring automation of your business processes through indicators of our OpMon solution. Schedule a visit or ask for a quote.



Pedro César Tebaldi

Atua há 10 anos no mercado B2B de tecnologia da informação como gerente de marketing, tendo escrito mais de 500 artigos sobre tecnologia durante esse período. Também é responsável pela área de Business Intelligence da OpServices, que presta consultoria para médias e grandes empresas em todo o Brasil.

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