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Monitoring virtual infrastructures

The use of virtualization platforms such as VMware, KVM and Xen creates new opportunities for IT operations, but also introduces new challenges.

The use of virtualization platforms requires control since potential problems can have serious consequences and have direct impact on business processes. Highly virtualized infrastructures require a monitoring solution that provides visibility from end to end.

OpMon allows you to monitor all levels of your virtual environment, as well as your physical servers and network devices to provide a truly comprehensive solution for virtual infrastructure monitoring, everything is displayed in a single view.


Monitoring Virtualization

OpMon is a flexible solution capable of monitoring all levels in a virtual environment. A single view displays all relevant data structure of the entire network with seamless integration between physical and virtual infrastructure, making sure that you get a unified view of your network. Check out some resources

  • Monitoring VMware, Xen, KVM RHEL and more;
  • Sets the service level expectations with predictive limits;
  • Monitors services and applications running on virtual servers;
  • Root cause analysis, which means reducing repair time and service interruptions;
  • The seamless integration between the monitoring of physical and virtual infrastructure;
  • Identifies performance bottlenecks associated with storage affect end users;
  • Reports and data visualization;
  • Dynamic approach to planning upgrades;
  • Proactive capacity planning.


Monitoring KVM

Enable organizations to make better capacity planning KVM, which allows the provisioning of appropriate use of resources such as storage, CPU and memory. These three components allow for a dynamic way to proactively plan updates an organization effectively.



Monitoring VMware vSphere

Monitoring, maps, metrics and visualization of VMware platforms and applications running on hypervisors providing visibility from end to end, from health and performance to availability. Alerts, solving problems and automations simplify daily IT operations and all the information of your VMware are displayed in a unified view.


Monitoring Citrix Xen

Monitoring capabilities for Citrix Xen hypervisor, Xen virtual infrastructure of the physical side, virtual and cloud environment through a unified view.



Cloud services such as the Amazon Web Services provide infrastructure resources on demand. For small and medium enterprises is an alternative to achieve cost savings through scale, which was unthinkable in the past. As for the major is an option to facilitate access to IT, which streamlines the operation, and not to generate large legacies hardware.


Ten years of experience in managing complex infrastructures

OpServices through OpMon platform, always concerned with the challenges faced by CIOs in their day-to-day. The high availability and easy access to the information infrastructure that impact the business has always been critical to our customers. In addition to the unique challenges that virtualization demands, some features contribute significantly to good management, with the goal of always identify the root cause of the problems:

• Analysis of advanced performance;

• Availability reports with charts future projection;

• Alarms incidents;

• Baseline enabling the identification of trends;

• Dashboards showing a centralized view of the virtualized environment.

With ten years of development platform, today we have great experience to contribute to the challenges that are presented in Go-To-Cloud or the administration of complex virtualized environments. OpMon our IT management software, already has templates for monitoring CPU, for example, through the Amazon API.