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Support Services

Support services are provided by OpServices according to the services acquired.


1. Support Portal

Support services are only available for OpMon PRO and OpMon PREMIUM clients and consist of a WEB service platform with ticket registration for assistance with relevant information. After registration of the ticket, the client receives an SLA definition and a single identification number. The flow of communication is made between Client > OpServices and OpServices > Client.

Assistance resources:

1. Remote: VPN Client, VPN Site-to-Site or NAT – investigation, evidences, diagnostic;

2. Via Telephone: clarifications and brief guidelines;

3. Ticket: clarifications and information issuance.


2. Knowledge Base

Available for all users of OpServices products and consists of a WEB of knowledge platform. It is the fastest way to:

  • Check for information;
  • Descriptions of procedures;
  • Change log of products;
  • Resolution of incidents.


3. Forum

Freely available to all users of any OpServices products. Consists of a WEB platform for the exchange of information. They involve the entire community of users and developers. It helps support and answer questions, besides collaborating with the exchange of information.


4. E-Learning Platform

Freely available to all users of any OpServices products. Consists of a WEB platform for distance education which enables accessible learning.


5. Professional Support

Support service available only for OpMon PRO and OpMon PREMIUM clients. Consists of support for Software with latest Minor Release or Major Release and consists of:

Incidents: interruption, outage or degradation events.

Qualified Bug: prioritizing resolution of critical bug to the business.

Support contact: contacts appointed by the client for ticket registration.

Incident Limitation: reactive support to a single problem; cannot be divided into subordinate problem; subordinate problems are separate incidents; do not apply to service requests and consulting; The Professional Support is also available in the form of pay per incident only.


6. Professional Advisor

Support service available only for OpMon PREMIUM clients. Consists on Support available with service packages provided exclusively by OpServices. Check out the service packs available:

  • Fine Tuning;
  • Approval Environment;
  • High Availability Environment;
  • Load-Balanced Environment;
  • Environment Updates;
  • Exclusive Consultant;
  • Installation Fast Track;
  • Hotline Support;
  • 24×7 Incident;
  • Proactive Monitoring;
  • Service Requests;
  • MSP Support;
  • On-site Visit;
  • Webinar Release.


7. Consultancy Services

Support service available only for OpMon PREMIUM clients. Consists of specialized consulting and is held exclusively by OpServices. It uses hours of consulting for project development and may include services of:

  • Development;
  • Disaster Recovery;
  • Fast Track;
  • Hands On;
  • Health Check;
  • Project Plan;
  • Proof of Concept;
  • Turn-Key Nagios;
  • Workshop.


8. Support and Services not provided

  • Support and maintenance of software that are not developed by OpServices;
  • Clarification on processes and software usage forms that are not developed by OpServices;
  • Parameterization of software that is not developed by OpServices;
  • Intervention of any kind on software that is not developed by OpServices;
  • Operating Systems;
  • Network Protocols;
  • Internet;
  • Antivirus;
  • Hardware support and maintenance;
  • Server;
  • Infrastructure;
  • Printers;
  • Workstation;
  • Support and maintenance of plugins/scripts or third-party codes.


9. Shared Responsibilities

OpServices Obligations:

  • Troubleshoot problems in their products and provide technical guidance to customers;
  • Gather and validate service requests information;
  • Offer management for the solution and coordination of issues;
  • Maintaining the communication with the client to help ensure the continuous treatment of the problems;
  • Continuously gather customer feedback on how to improve the service through research;

Client’s obligations:

  • Keep all the necessary infrastructure requirements for the full operation of the products contracted from OpServices;
  • Get support resources provided by OpServices, like Knowledge Base, Forums and E-learning training to solve problems;
  • Maintain the software and data integrity and security and as well as disaster recovery;
  • Install and maintain hardware, operating system and software used in its latest version;
  • Install and maintain the products used in the latest Major Release available from OpServices;
  • Ensure that the product is used only in accordance with documentation and guidelines from OpServices;
  • Do not alter or modify the product or its documentation, nor allow the software to be integrated with any other software (except when there is approval from OpServices);
  • Use only OpServices support or a certified partner to provide any support services related to the product or to its documentation;
  • Cooperate fully with OpServices error diagnostic or troubleshooting with the product or with its documentation.


10. Discontinuation policy

OpServices shall decide, at their sole discretion, when a software reaches End-of-life and which will be the date of discontinuance (“End-of-life Date”). When a product reaches its End-of-life Date, no development or future maintenance fixes will be supplied to all versions of the product and OpServices Support will be cancelled. However, after the End-of-life Date, OpServices will continue to offer support for the agreed period of maintenance.

OpServices will make reasonable efforts to provide customers with notification at least 12 (twelve) months in advance of the End-of-life Date. Notifications about software status may include information or upgrade path for migration.

An alternative product from Opservices that provides similar functionality or, in some cases, enhanced can be made available for licensing by OpServices. OpServices suggests that customers of End-of-life products migrate to an alternative product. OpServices can assist the user in the formulation and implementation of a migration plan through provision of services against payment of its value.