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Your company monitors IT business indicators?

The monitoring of business processes is critical to the decision making of a company. From the monitoring of the entire IT infrastructure is possible to diagnose problems and determine its real dimension, visualizing the situations in which they occur and actual impacts.

The management can be done through the control of information production levels, energy capacity, impact analysis, among other indicators. Therefore, it is a great investment for those who want to manage their resources more efficiently. Besides the correct dimensioning of resources and reduction of costs, monitoring of business processes impacting the quality of services and / or products offered and influence on the excellence of its results. Therefore, it should be seen as a continuous process integrated in the organizational culture. The outcome of the indicators monitored can be displayed in dashboards with visions of sales indicators, electronic invoicing, ERP, CRM, etc..


Among the business processes that can be monitored by OpMon are:

  • Employee productivity Management;
  • Industrial production management;
  • Level fuel management;
  • Call Center Management;
  • Energy capacity;
  • Impact analysis;
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning);
  • Customer Experience Management (OpCEM);
  • SCM (Supply Chain Management);
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management);
  • Service Desk;
  • Supply Chain Design;
  • E-commerce and e-procurement.