Monitoring your network

If you are seeking a solution to monitor your network OpMon is a great choice. It is a complete platform for the governance of IT and Telecom, the monitoring of business processes and management of networks and systems, and to monitor any device that generates data.

Allows you to track, in real time, the performance of business activities and their results. Generates reports of availability, capacity and performance, SLA, SLM, among others. OpMon enables a reduction in spending on professional expertise and reduce the damage / time come from system failures. Among the monitored network technologies are:

Supported technologies
  • Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Wireless
  • MPLS, X25, Frame Relay (RFC1490), PPP, Cisco HDLC
  • PPP, TCP/IP, TCP/IP v6, NetBios
  • Checking latency time and packet loss, allowing% of monthly availability
  • Utilization graphs quantitative and qualitative
  • Module collects traffic from LAN and WAN network, identifying types of protocols and applications that travels belong
  • Information gathering process without causing unavailability or interruption in the links Wans or local network
  • Checking the sites most accessed internally via proxy and directly
  • Checking of corporate websites, from the external site of the client or OpServices (optional)
  • Checking traffic emails, ensured that the cycle SMTP / POP is operating properly
  • SMTP, POP3, HTTP, SNMP, etc.and its response time
  • Monitoring unduly open doors
  • For routers, switches and network appliances like wireless
  • Detection of falls interfaces
  • % utilization of interfaces,% errors in / out,% of dropped packets in / out
  • Any item available in standard MIBs and environmental, as% of processor load, device temperature, fan speed, etc..
Web transactions simulators
  • Logins on portals and web systems, effecting transactions as if it were an ordinary user, providing response times and pointing failed / successful completion of buying process;
  • Processing times of applications, showing the time spent in processing user (client), network communication and server. Helps identify the source of any performance problem.