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OpCEM – Customer Experience Management

The actual user experience through robots: With the intent of adding high value to the technological business environment, OpServices developed OpCEM (Customer Experience Management), creation and editing software robots that simulate the user experience.

Through a virtual user, the solution is configured to perform all actions required for the accomplishment of an activity such as: login to a restricted area, prepare a registration, make a purchase in a virtual store, etc.


Logo OpCEM: Application Robots

With OpCEM, it is possible to find broken links, if the site is experiencing downtime, software locking, slow system and in which situations these problems occur. It enables the manager to constantly qualify the service offered to the consumer.


Avoid displeased users!

Companies that does not monitor their virtual stores, by means of robot users simulations, will run the risk of receiving calls from displeased customers, before the problem is discovered by the IT staff. Besides losing money with unaccomplished sales, the users will not be pleased and their loyalty can be lost. In other words, users will be under the risk of the competition during the downtime period.


How does it work?

Through an easy and intuitive editor, circuits that are used by the users and which will be simulated by the OpCEM will be created. This circuit is divided into steps and information on response time, availability and performance will be collected. The application can be accessed by web and does not require any special permission, just the access replication of a normal user.

This information can be sent to other data analysis tools or IT management softwares such as OpMon, Nagios, Zabbix, etc. The use of any intrusive agent, which guarantees the security of the IT environment is not required. The OpCEM is installed on a desktop client and from there it accesses the system to be monitored.


Application Robots


Software test

One usage possibility is the software testing. With the definition of the main routines, it is possible to monitor the execution of the same constantly. Any amendment in the launch of a new version or bug fix can lead to mistakes in the process and with the OpCEM it is possible to identify these failures.


Processes Automation

Generate monthly reports that will be sent by e-mail to the persons in charge might mean a critical business process. This task can be performed by robots.


Virtual stores monitoring

Virtual stores cannot run the risk of losing sales due to failures or poorly sized infrastructure. When a purchase form or the process involving putting a product into the shopping cart presents a failure or unavailability, immediate actions must be taken to avoid losing sales, or even worse: customer loyalty. The issue of alerts with the location of the flaw can greatly enhance the work of the technology department and decrease relatively the loss of revenue.


Application Robots


Major problems that can be solved with OpCEM

  • Unsatisfied users;
  • Loss of sales in your online store;
  • Noncompliance with SLAs;
  • Not achievement of quality goals;
  • High churn (loss of customers) rate due to services unavailability;
  • Clogged telephone lines as a result of users complaining of unavailable services.


What OpCEM verify?

  • Speed;
  • Availability of links and services;
  • Situations where errors occur;
  • Real dimension of the problem;
  • Impact.