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View your company's IT and business metrics through dashboards that centralize the relevant information on a single screen.

Visible Management with real time data
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OpMon Dashboards is an additional model to the OpMon monitoring software, which allows the construction and visualization of dashboards in real time. Management determines which KPIs they want to monitor and to whom they wish to share. This information summarizes the situation of a given area of business by means of a (critical, alert and OK) status or numeric value. The result is that decisions become more informed, faster and with less risk of errors.


Main Benefits

Dashboards enable visualization of real-time alerts about the status of critical indicators.

Recursos OpMon Dashboards
Centralized view of IT or business environment indicators;
Recursos OpMon Dashboards
Friendly and intuitive interface with drag-and-drop system elements;
Recursos OpMon Dashboards
Sharing of visualizations with the entire team via web or mobile devices;
Recursos OpMon Dashboards
Real-time information to make decisions quicker and anticipate problems;
Recursos OpMon Dashboards
Automated alerts for your team to know when an anomaly occurred;
Recursos OpMon Dashboards
Unlike BI, it does not use consolidated data. Search data directly from the source!


Your business needs the technology to make faster and more accurate decisions.



Commercialized as an additional module to OpMon PRO on the annual subscription model. Check it out!

OpMon Dashboards is an additional module of OpMon PRO 

The dashboards’ construction and visualization module allows for unlimited views with the same license.
To use it, you must also have an annual subscription of OpMon PRO.

Annual subscription

Addicional Module

To use OpMon Dashboards you need to subscribe to OpMon

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