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Database Monitoring

If you are seeking a solution to monitor database OpMon is a great choice. A complete platform for Telecom and IT governance, business process monitoring and management of networks and systems, and to monitor any device that manages data.

OpServices has a decade of experience in monitoring database through OpMon. Besides the possibility of creating service catalogs, where it is possible to discover the processes and services affected by some downtime in the database, we view business dashboards in a way to transform data before exclusive of IT in the data used by decision makers for business decision making. Among the monitored databases are:

  • Oracle (versão 7 e superiores), RAC, Parallel Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server 7 e superiores
  • DB2
  • Instances
  • MySQL
  • Postgres
  • Sybase
  • Access, Interbase, Informix, Progress