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    What is the profile of IT professionals the market seeks?

    Por: Pedro César Tebaldi Gomes em 29.10.2014

    When the IT area emerged, a highly technological professional was required— after all, they had to deal with the first technical demands of the profession. Nowadays, with the maturing of the market, the professional profile changed, demanding professionals who go beyond just technological troubleshooting capabilities.

    If you are entering the market now, you need to know the new profile required by companies to suit this new market scenario. To do that, check out our post today!


    Have flexibility

    Companies have no more space for paralyzed, rigid, professionals that are stuck in the same methodology and are not able to try new ways to operate the IT solutions. Professionals must be able to handle adversity, problems and setbacks in a quick and strategic way: some situations may change the whole scope and they should be prepared for that.


    Get out of your comfort zone

    The IT professional cannot escape the possibility of using new methods. Especially for being a technological area, therefore, constantly changing, the professional cannot be afraid to dare and risk new forms of work. Professionals that get stressed or let themselves get involved by situations that get them out of their comfort zone do not match the current scenario in the area of Information Technology.


    Have good interpersonal skills

    Increasingly, IT work depends on the integration with various sectors of the company, so the professional must be able to handle the other corporation’s employees in a respectful and efficient way. They must be people with good interpersonal communication abilities. Especially for IT managers, these abilities are critical. After all, they should be able to make their team stay in tune with the designed objectives and also effectively inform the corporation directors on the progress of projects.

    Thus, in addition to know how to communicate well, you must know how to listen well, to be able to understand the demands required by the company. They must be able to inform the data clearly and concisely, without having to resort to technical details of how the big data is being used, for example. They should know how to tell their superiors the advances that these usages bring as actual result. The operational details will be little understood effectively.


    Be in constant update

    New solutions, methods and methodologies constantly arise. That’s why this professional should be able to stay current. Like we talked about earlier, professionals who are satisfied with the knowledge they have, believing they already know the best solutions, could end up being overtaken by a new generation of professionals.


    Have global and strategic business vision

    Before, IT professionals only needed to understand about technological issues and offer the solutions required, however, now they need to have the ability to know every stage of business and offer strategic solutions, point outputs and develop projects that the company needs even prior to the leader’s demands. These solutions also depend on greater integration among sectors — and it is also the IT professionals’ function to facilitate these processes and develop solutions and projects that promote this integration.

    Remember that these are some of the basic features. Other profile demands will be determined by the company profile and vary from recruiter to recruiter. So focus on these characteristics, develop them and earn your place in the market.


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