Event Guard (ECM)

Is a powerful tool for event correlation and automating IT-operations optimization. It has been developed from an easy and intuitive graphical interface and creates complex rules of great value for business.

EventGuard can manage dynamic infrastructures in businesses of any size and facilitates the detection, isolation and proactive response to problems in the infrastructure before they affect customers and the company’s services. In addition, it automates the creation and execution of workflows leading to a substantial reduction in the relevant alerts, which economically enables IT environment management processes, significantly reducing operating costs.


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EMS (Element Management Systems) Integration with OpMon

EventGuard seamlessly integrates with OpMon, providing a single platform consolidation for all the application infrastructure and business service events. Event Correlation Manager (ECM) uses OpMon to collect message formats across multiple platforms.


Event correlation capacities

With the correlation algorithms it is possible to identify, categorize, filter and reduce the high volumes of infrastructure and applications events in actionable alerts. These include the elimination of duplication, occurrences of X in Y, problems generated by repeated actions and correlations based on topology, just to name a few. In addition, you can quickly create your own customized correlation rules to meet specific business needs. With the correlation technology used in EventGuard, you can handle any IT environment that undergoes constant changes and transformations.


Web 2.0 Interface

EventGuard’s Web 2.0 interface is incredibly easy to use, configure and administer. With a feature-rich user interface and flexible controls, operators can customize views and rules associated with the categorization, filtering, assignment or correlation of alerts. There is no need for programming; correlation is achieved simply by dragging icons to create rules.

OpMon EventGuard


Automating workflows for IT operations

Using event-based rules and topology gathering, the correlations are automated and pre-defined actions are taken to solve problems. EventGuard makes it easy to automate the IT operations processes.

For example, with EventGuard you can automatically schedule certain events to the Service Desk to create incidents (trouble tickets). You can also automate actions, including the execution of custom scripts to solve problems such as, for example, a server reboot or start a batch process, besides sending events and actions to OpMon. EventGuard allows you to easily streamline your existing IT operations workflows by automating operator actions or routine repetitions.

The workflow automation capabilities include integration with the OpMon management systems. For example, EventGuard can be set to operate as a closed-loop alert removal circuit when linked events or problem records are “closed” in the Service Desk. It can also communicate a recognition and closure alert of an incident in the OpMon monitoring system.


Install and Setup

The EventGuard not need to be installed, can be acquired and fully integrated with OpMon. The configurtion of basic and advanced features is done using drag and drop. Unlike many event management solutions that require mastery of complex programming languages​​.