After all, what is a dashboard for?

Por: Pedro César Tebaldi Gomes em 04.11.2013

Dashboard: the vision of your company’s health

Dashboard is an information panel that graphically show the indicators of IT and business processes of a company. These panels contain indicators, charts, reports and specific filters presenting the most important information aligned on one screen to facilitate monitoring of the business and decision-making.



They are usually constructed so that managers can clearly and precisely visualize the most relevant points about the performance of their IT environment, because it is no use having all the environment controlled and in perfect working order if the key managers of the company do not have access to this information or if this information comes to them in the long and tiresome spreadsheet format.

The information that really matters to CEOs, CIOs and CFOs is business processes by means of numbers and accurate graphical information, showing the true “health” of the company. Here are some questions that can be answered with business indicators and displayed in dashboards:

  • How is the progress of my business like?
  • Is the profit margin in line with expectations?
  • Why aren’t customers finishing the purchase in my virtual store?
  • Why is one of the branches producing less shoes?
  • How many beds do we have available in the emergency area? How many patients are waiting for care?

Dashboard de Operações - Service Desk

These are some examples of questions that really matter to managers. Having this information in a visual presentation greatly facilitates decision making on the company’s processes.

Currently, the demand for IT management solutions with a dashboards viewer significantly increased. Besides managers wanting to closely monitor the operations and business processes, corporate transparency has become a necessity for publicly traded companies motivated both by new regulations and by greater consumer demand.

It is misleading to think that the dashboards are useful only for managers; many companies are exposing the panels with business processes on 40′ screens in strategic places so they can be viewed not only by managers but by all employees and sometimes even customers. This, besides showing transparency in the company processes, also values the work of IT as it nears the area from other areas and shows graphically the results obtained by means of an effective and accurate management.


OpMon Dashboards

The development of dashboards and editor viewer for OpMon arose from the demands of customers of OpServices. From 2009 it was included in the solution a module of dashboard, then known as DaVINCI. One of the advantages of the solution has always been the freedom to create according to the needs and particularities of each company. I.e., the information is not standardized and automatically generated. You can choose exactly what the indicators are that will be shown and drill down to find exactly where the problems lie, and thus correct them before customers realize it.


Dashboard Indústria

One of the strengths of the OpMon Dashboards is the usability. The tool was built with an intuitive interface for users to have complete autonomy when editing. It can be used by both IT professionals and designers, without much technical knowledge.


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