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Offer to reduce costs in IT operations

Por: Pedro César Tebaldi Gomes em 15.12.2014

Integration between IT solutions and reduction in the period of deployment are the decision-makers’ demands to reduce costs

From a Brazilian scenario of low GDP growth, deindustrialization of some sectors and retail with results far below expectations in the first half, a national market shifting of cost savings in operations has been strengthening. Some investments that had great expectations for growth were poorly designed and now undergo an inevitable readjustment.

Redução de Custos na TI

In this scenario, IT has been significantly impacted. The order of the CEOs, top to bottom, is to cut costs in areas with lower impact to the company’s business. CIOs (Chief Information Officers) have suffered enough pressure and have sought to review some service contracts and software licenses. The teams were also restructured to a leaner operation.

With the reading obtained from this market need OpServices and Qualitor, developers of solutions for IT governance and shared services center, respectively, set up an offer to supply this demand to reduce costs. With the integration of IT Management and desk solutions, companies seek to become allies of CIOs to offer, in addition to reducing the cost of licenses, a reduction in deployment costs as well as a reduction in the time needed to have both platforms running for the whole team, because one of the biggest nightmares of IT decision-makers are deployments that never end, immobilizing resources that could be used in the core of the business.

According to Dario Bestetti, OpServices CEO:

“Technology providers do not need to face the cost reduction as a problem. In all crises and periods of low growth there are opportunities for companies that offer operational value to its clients”.

Regarding the productivity data, through the history of successful cases, a score of 20% to 30% of Qualitor productivity was achieved through the adoption of good practices such as: chat, web portal with service catalog, workflows, automated scaling, opening forms, integrations, etc. In addition, reductions of 10% were conquered in assistances upon the activation of the self-service feature with the use of scripts and knowledge base.

Another important tool for cost reduction and increased productivity is the management view. Through the dashboards of OpMon it is possible to view indicators of all areas, based on data collected in various systems. An example can be the preview of KPI’s Service Desk:


Service Desk Dashboard

In addition to the centralized view, web services integration between OpMon and Qualitor was developed. This way, the automatic opening of callings from OpMon events is possible.

For Donald Reis, Qualitor Business Director:

“OpServices and Qualitor solutions altogether result in an excellent monitoring and management platform. It is in these timely moments, in which we realize a challenging context in which our portfolio acts on reducing gaps and decreasing costs; adjusting in the process, changing the habit of management, bringing more security and productivity for business”.

In order to strengthen their product portfolios, OpServices and Qualitor focused on developing their solutions for greater adherence to ITIL:


Today the greatest challenge of IT in companies is to give support to all processes that require technology, adding efficiency and high availability at a cost that make the operation viable. In this scenario Qualitor and OpServices seek to compete with the greatest technology vendors that have great difficulty in making their solutions more flexible to meet different global economic scenarios.

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