What is the importance of 8×5 and 24×7 monitoring and which one is best suited for your business?

Most companies need some form of monitoring of their infrastructure. As the company grows the need arises for a greater control over the layer that underlies all the processes and systems of the organization. Proactive monitoring enables the anticipation of problems, taking the actions at the very moment in which they occur. For this type of monitoring, we work in two ways: 8×5 or 24×7. In this case, there is no better or worse option, because it all depends on how the IT operation works.

8×5 monitoring is best suited for most organizations, because it covers the entire business day. It is suitable for IT staff who do not work in the on-call arrangements. Coverage of off-hours schedule is made using alerts for business-critical elements. These alerts can be anything from an email to an SMS or even a connection with automatic message to the person responsible for the area. In addition to defining the person in charge for each system or infrastructure, it is possible to create catalogs, with the information of the affected users. When conducted properly, this type of monitoring allows a high operational efficiency, optimizing physical resources and people.

24×7 monitoring is most appropriate for organizations in which the IT infrastructure is extremely critical to the business and any downtime may mean the loss of millions in revenue. Generally the industrial sector demands this type of monitoring, because any downtime generates decrease in production and can cause a great damage to the equipment. Companies that provide NOC service also use this kind of service because it is vital to ensure the availability of an IT operation. Clique para solicitar uma proposta.