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Por: Pedro César Tebaldi Gomes em 21.11.2013

One question that many managers ask when seeking a tool that monitors the IT infrastructure is: why use a paid tool if there are great free software available on the market?

To answer this question it is necessary to first understand the concept of free software. By its generic description, it is any application / solution that can be used, copied, studied and redistributed without restriction, allowing anyone to make changes, so that the whole community benefits.


When seeking a solution for monitoring, the companies have good free options available. However, these tools do not end up meeting all the needs of business, since they were developed generically. Moreover, their development is not done in the speed required by the market.


Fixing the problems

OpMon is developed with the goal of ending all these problems, being a complete and fully customized platform, according to the needs of each client. It is fully adapted to the reality and the requirements of the Brazilian market, counting on success stories in companies that are market leaders in different segments such as banks, energy companies, industry, telecommunications, among others.

The ability to provide support and training certainly represents two major advantages for OpMon. Free software does not have this kind of commitment and if the customer requires some kind of customization or training, they will need to hire a specialized team, which demands a great investment.


Adherence to ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)

Among other advantages, we emphasize adherence to the best management practices specified by ITIL and creating modules for advanced reporting and management of service levels (SLA / SLM), multi-language interface and designed with a focus on the user, with the possibility of creating search filters, favorites, shortcuts and simplifying navigation.


Relatorio de disponibilidade

All these reasons are enough to point to OpMon as the appropriate solution to deploy in most companies. To clear any doubt, we should visualize a field that is put aside by free tools: the business processes.


Monitoring user experience

OpMon has a solution, also developed by OpServices, integrated to OpMon and of great value for its customers, OpCEM (Customer Experience Management). The application uninterruptedly simulates the real user experience by means of robots. The solution also allows the manager constantly to qualify the service offered to the consumer by checking: speed, availability of links and services, situations where errors occur, the real dimension and impact of the problem. In addition, you can perform software testing and automate processes and routines such as: scheduling chores, send emails, reports, etc.


Dashboards – The vision of your business

Perhaps the most interesting module, visually, is OpMon Dashboards (editor and viewer of dashboards). Designed in order to allow the user to create, in a graphical and intuitive way, dashboards (panels) that are representative of the monitored items. With the editing tool you can draw complex views that display in real time the status of your infrastructure elements and, particularly, business processes, which is a step beyond the basics of monitoring IT infrastructure.



IT Event correlation

Event correlationof events is surely one of the most advanced technologies found in OpMon. It was developed from a graphical, simple and intuitive interface, which creates complex rules of great value for business. It connects different events to trigger alarms, increasing safety and improving processes, besides increasing the control power of managers who really know the processes of their business.

Certainly there are also many reasons to choose OpMon, but to make this decision the manager must know very well their structure and assess whether those needs are compatible with their reality.


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