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    How to avoid internal processes in your business

    Por: Pedro César Tebaldi Gomes em 22.04.2014

    The use of technology in the internal and external procedures is gradually being converted into a requirement to be fulfilled by companies. Nowadays, a simple email depends on a large amount of technology to support it and a flaw in the sending of the same can result in a very significant impact on your company’s business. Constantly, monitoring processes are associated with IT, but on a very frequent basis, companies are seeking the assessment of processes indicators of all the areas comprised in the organization. The alignment of business processes and internal values are the assurance of a fast and efficient service, which generates benefits for employees, suppliers and consequently to customers.

    It is very important, however, to strictly monitor, map and manage these processes in order to ensure that your company will work properly and also to avoid internal noises which will certainly hinder the development of your business scope. For this reason, we prepared this guideline to encompass a little bit more about how to avoid failures in your company’s internal processes.

    Problems in internal processes


    Focus on processes monitoring.

    Processes monitoring is a manner of ensuring the elaboration of specific diagnosis in the case of any internal company issue. If the right tools are used for this control, the organization will be able to determine the situations with potential to lead to the occurrence of procedural errors and also scrutinize the real consequences that they can bring to your business.

    In order to assess the importance of this procedure, we can mention two OpServices customers who had great results. The electricity distributor AES Sul managed to achieve 50% reduction in domestic incidents after the implementation of proactive processes, infrastructure and business monitoring. Unimed Curitiba increased the capacity of automatic response from the user authorization system from 70% to 99%, which assures not only the processes improvement but also the invoicing at the end of the month.


    Definition and mapping of processes

    This is a powerful ally in the line of processes documentation, analysis and improvement. When the required activities and the internal processes flow order of the company are registered until the effective implementation of the same, the decision maker of the business will know exactly which measures should be taken to ensure optimization of the services or the production line. In other words, he will know exactly how the company behaves.

    Without having the exact idea regarding the time frame until the final delivery of the product, the decision maker will certainly face many problems in the management of the same, which will impact their income and internal organizational dynamics negatively.


    The administration should ensure the use of the correct management

    It is evident that each department of your company will have a more focused and limited vision of the entire scope of the company’s business. It is important, however, that the administration should be converted into a real example of the internal processes, guiding departments and identifying the flaws in each of them. The latter will have a panoramic view of the entire operation of the company, and it is also their role to set goals and monitor the results of each department.

    Check one of our solutions to encompass the business in a centralized form by means of dashboards.

    Among the main benefits to effectively manage these internal processes, we stress emphasis on the alignment of the professionals and the management of the common goal, which is the provision of the product or service as well as the increase of profitability, since there are guarantees of critical failures prevention to the implementation of business scope will be much greater.


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