The OpServices certifications includes beyond EAD trainings, a commercial and technical presential traning, depending of the partnership category and a knowlogde proof of the content presented. These trainings are performed annually in Porto Alegre and São Paulo.

At the comercial training the partner learns to act commercially with our solutions with approaches, arguments and especific apresentations. The technician training teaches the partner to perform anny services related to OpServices solutions.


Companies certifications

There are two types of partnerships for companies, according to the level of performance of it partner. Know are channel program to understand on which category your companie applies.


Authorized Partner

Category partners Authorized Partner need to certify at least 1 commercial professional and if they are able to act in a comercial way, not being able to perform any type of services related to our solutions, unless you have services of an OpMon certified technical professional.


Certified Partner

The certified partner category is a model of commercial partnership more wider OpServices, in this category the partner needs to certify at least 2 commercial and 2 technical professionals.



Professionals certification

The professional certifications are obligatorily linked to companies. To became a certified professional its required provide services in name of a certificate companie. All the certifications for professionals has the validity of 3 years.



OpMon Pre Sales Professional

Professional with a commercial streak, that will understand the client needs and offer the right solution to then.




OpMon Monitoring Professional

This professional will be able to provide any service related to OpServices solutions, since a simple technical survey until a deploymentof cluster or a dashboard construction consultancy.



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