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6 Benefits of Business Dashboards for Business Management

Por: Pedro César Tebaldi Gomes em 15.09.2015

The management of all companies relies heavily on the correct interpretation of a plethora of information that permeates the business. But in order for these data to be truly useful, they should be centralized, organized and standardized, allowing a broader vision and strategy.

In this context, technological advances and new storage and analysis tools have been instrumental in improving the management process and mainly the decision making. Thus, the concept of Visual Management has been excelling in the corporate world, receiving more attention and investment. The use of dashboards, with the centralized view of your business’ indicators can bring many benefits to business management. Get to know the main ones:


Business Dashboards


Strategic Planning

Through the dashboards you can integrate a number of financial, commercial, legal and technical information, in addition to aspects involving the human capital of the company. Thus, managers can clearly understand all the variables, risks and challenges involving the organization, providing strategic and safe planning, based on facts and results.


Monitoring of Indicators and Metrics

The integration of corporate data also collaborates for the definition of indicators and metrics that can be tracked in real time, in a practical and optimized way. With these resources, it is easier to identify bottlenecks and positive or negative trends and then act on it to resolve the problems in advance, aiming at higher performance and productivity. It is worth mentioning that indicators are essential to any successful management, being necessary for the monitoring of both individual and collective goals.


Waste Reduction

Dashboards also allow a significant reduction of waste, in particular of time and human resources. With this tool, you can avoid manual tasks for development and maintenance of management reports and spreadsheets, directing efforts to truly relevant company activities, as well as critical analysis, opportunities for studies, research and development.

It is important to remember that among the practices related to managing people, there is the appreciation of human potential, since this measure promotes the professional development of the staff, improve the organizational good work environment and contributes to attracting and retaining talent.


Internal Processes and Decision-Making Quality

With the integration of information, there is also a sensitive gain in quality of internal processes, and especially in decision-making. With a more comprehensive and updated view, it is possible to print a new rhythm to daily routines, the projects and the necessary remedial measures. In this way, the company conquers a new condition, making it more agile and competitive.


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Corporate Communications

Another important and positive aspect of dashboards is related to corporate communications. With the centralization of data, all sectors can view the information and processes of other sectors in an interconnected way, with their interdependencies, connections, causes and effects. Thus, the concept of departmentalization is replaced by the sense of collectivity and the engagement of all in support of common goals.


Information Culture

The concept of Visual Management, with the use of dashboards, should not be seen only as an IT resource, but as an essential part of business management. In large, medium or small businesses it is important to adopt and reinforce a culture of information, aimed at the reliability of the data and its correct handling. Knowledge should not be monopolized, but shared with the entire company, in a steady, useful and effective manner. With that, the business management is favored as a whole, enabling better results.


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